Programmes of the Educational Centre "Sirius"

Areas of activity of the Educational Centre "Sirius"

  • Conducting profile programmes for schoolchildren from all over the country aged ten to 17 who have shown outstanding abilities in natural sciences, arts and sports.
  • Organising professional development programmes for teachers.
  • Development of programmes to involve schoolchildren in project and technical creativity.
  • Organising school and final stages of the All-Russian Olympiad of schoolchildren in profile subjects.
  • Organisation of mass online education in advanced programmes.

The Educational Centre «Sirius» operates profile training programmes as part of supplementary education, as well as basic general and secondary general education. Each programme lasts 24 days and includes classes with teachers from the country's leading universities and cultural centres, educational and scientific organisations, the best experts and sports coaches. The programmes are led by outstanding Russian scientists and specialists, the brightest and most experienced teachers.

The programmes include classes in core subjects and general education disciplines, as well as creative meetings, master classes and mini-courses aimed at broadening the outlook and comprehensive development of professional skills: critical thinking, social skills, creative and communicative abilities. Students listen to lectures in related areas, engage in interdisciplinary projects, attend concerts of talented young musicians, and take part in sports.

Key indicators (data from 2015 to 2023)

  • 96 educational shifts were held
  • 64,358 people were trained

Of these:

  • 27,355 schoolchildren – in the direction "Science"
  • 17,865 schoolchildren – in the direction "Art"
  • 19,138 schoolchildren – in the direction "Sport"

Area "Science"

The programmes are related to the scientific and technological development of Russia and are attended by students in grades 7–11. Each programme includes classes with teachers from the country's leading universities, physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology schools, and representatives of scientific and technological entrepreneurship.The established training system allows each talented student to build his or her development trajectory - from the first manifestation of interest in in-depth study of a subject to preparation for international Olympiads, participation in high-tech projects, and preparation for publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Science programmes are regularly updated. Over the last two years, a number of new programmes have been opened: in biology and genetics, applied mathematics (project programme in mathematics and theoretical computer science), physics (science school for 10th graders), and linguistics.

Area "Art"

Arts programmes

  • Literary art
  • Musical-performing art
  • Choreography
  • Fine Arts and Design

Music performance programmes are offered on 13 types of instruments – harp, French horn, cello, oboe, clarinet, violin, trombone,trumpet, tuba, percussion, bassoon, flute, piano – and include master classes and individual lessons with outstanding professors and teachers.

In order to support and accompany young musicians, the "Constellation" All-Russian Competition for Young Musicians has been organised since 2019. Its laureates get the opportunity to perform with the country's leading Russian and foreign musical ensembles. In April 2023, the competition was held for the fifth time.

Choreography programmes include classes in disciplines: Classical Dance, Folk and Stage Dance, Historical and Domestic Dance, Acting, Gymnastics, and Grim.

In the field of fine arts and design, such educational programmes as "Fundamentals of Animalistic Sculpture","Fundamentals of Multilayer Watercolour Painting", "Fundamentals of Pottery Art", "Composition Drawing", "Monumental Painting", "Fundamentals of Academic Art School: Sculpture and Drawing","Design. Interior and environment design", "Urbanism and design of urban space", "Design and space formation", "Design.Fundamentals of the school of volumetric-spatial and digital art modelling". Based on the results of the programmes, the works of the participants of different programmes are selected for the exhibition and methodological fund of the Educational Centre "Sirius". Graduates are given the opportunity to continue their studies at the best art universities in the country.

On literary writing programmes, pupils study the peculiarities of the profession of a writer, editor, literary critic,publisher, literary project manager, and teacher. In 2023, new programmes were held: "Journalism and Media", "Culture and Society","Literary Criticism". Many participants of literary writing programmes became prize-winners and winners of All-Russian Olympiads and laureates of All-Russian and international competitions.

Area "Sport"

The programmes include competitions in all areas – ice hockey tournaments, figure skating demonstrations and test rides, chess tournaments. Leading sports specialists, coaches, referees, etc. are involved in the implementation of sports programmes and events.

Five years ago, the Centre launched an experimental nationwide programme, unparalleled in the world, to select, identify and train promising hockey players who were candidates for the Russian U16, U17 and U18 junior national teams. It allows the Russian Ice Hockey Federation to keep themost promising young players in the spotlight, while a clear professional development plan is formed for the hockey players themselves. As a result, 168 ice hockey players – participants of Sirius sports programmes – were recruited to the Russian U17, U18, U19, U20 national teams in 2023.

The methodological basis of hockey sports programmes is the latest national sports training programme "Red Machine", in the development and testing of which "Sirius" took a very active part.


Among our graduates are Galiya Sharafetdinova (absolute winner of the 63rd International Mathematical Olympiad of Schoolchildren), Matvey Michkov (the youngest player of the Russian national ice hockey team and the youngest author of a goal for the national team in the history of Russian ice hockey), Ivan Bessonov (Russian pianist and composer, winner of the Eurovision young musicians 2018 international competition).

Objectives of alumni support

  • Creation of a community to bring together talented young people.
  • Facilitating professional self-realization with the participation of a mentor from an industrial/scientific partner and with the support of the Foundation's experts.
  • Ensuring versatile development.
  • Continuous research of talent development trajectory.

Graduates can find employment in the Foundation's structures.


To create asystem for identifying, engaging and developing talent in all regions of Russia, and to organise equal opportunities for all children in the country, "Sirius" is developing its own online school, "Sirius.Courses". It is available to everyone: schoolchildren,their parents and teachers, university students and anyone who wants to study subjects besides the school curriculum. Within the framework of the courses,students independently build an individual trajectory, determine the pace and convenient time of study.

"Sirius.Courses" in numbers and facts (data for 2023)

  • Number of course students – 190,000
  • 35 courses available
  • Subjects: maths, computer science, physics, chemistry, linguistics, biology, artificial intelligence (for grades 7–11)
  • Students have solved more than 6 million tasks in various areas.

In 2023, itis planned to complete a full distance advanced programme for students in grades 7–10 in mathematics, computer science and natural science subjects.

The online education platform is used as an element of open selection for "Sirius" Centre's full-time programmes. In 2023, more than 25 thousand schoolchildren passed through the training and selection courses.After completing a full-time programme, participants can continue to study remotely until they graduate from high school. More than 4 thousand students have undergone year-round continuous education in this format.


The All-Russian educational initiative "Sirius.Summer: Start Your Project", announced within the framework of the Smart Tourism concept, has over the past three years turned into a functioning mechanism for engaging talented young people in working on topical issues of Russian science, industry and business. Every year, the programme's partners offer more than 1,000 project tasks to be solved.

As part of the "Sirius.Summer"programme, schoolchildren choose a task for their project work from among those proposed by industrial partners, as well as a student mentor who helps them understand it and accompanies the teams throughout the project. In 2023, an online training course on the "Sirius.Courses"platform on the basics of project management was developed for school children and student mentors.

"Sirius.Summer" in numbers

  • 1,010 project proposals from 278 partners
  • 596 proposals selected for work
  • 10,430 schoolchildren from 85 regions of Russia, as well as the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Kazakhstan took part in the programme
  • 2,442 student mentors from 109 universities from 78 regions of Russia took part in the programme

The "Grand Challenges" scientific and technological project programme is an educational programme aimed at developing skills and successful practice of research and engineering project activities by schoolchildren.

In order to be selected for the «Grand Challenges»programme, an all-Russian contest of scientific and technological projects"Grand Challenges" is held, in which participants are required to develop and implement their own projects.

12,515 schoolchildren and students from 83 constituent entities of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus took part in the programme in 2023.

The "Lessons of the Present" programme is also aimed at introducing schoolchildren to the basics of project work.During the academic year, school studios (teams of 5-7 students) solve project cases from the programme's industrial and academic partners every month. The thematic palette of "Lessons of the Present" is related to the answers to the big challenges set out in the Strategy for Scientific and Technological Development of Russia.

"Lessons of the Present" in numbers*

2,692 schoolchildren from 436 educational organisations from 71 regions of the Russian Federation took part in "Lessons of the Present".

* Data for the 2022/2023 school year


The Educational Centre "Sirius" coordinates all stages of the All-Russian School Olympiad in six science subjects (mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry, biology and astronomy). Our experts provide full methodological support for the Olympiad, including the development of tasks, text and video solutions, and evaluation criteria.

Stages and types of Olympiads organised by "Sirius"

  • Invitational online stage of the All-Russian Schoolchildren Olympiad (All-Russian School Olympiad)
  • Final stages of the All-Russian School Olympiad in six natural science subjects
  • Alternative International Olympiads in a cycle of subjects (All-Russian School Olympiads) and other international alternative Olympiads

The invitational stage is held in a remote format onthe "Sirius.Courses"technology platform. In 2023, for the first time, the invitation stage was held in two languages – Russian and English. This enabled foreigners,primarily representatives of the SCO, BRICS and CIS countries, to take part init. Translation of the tasks, application and testing systems, and Olympiad websites was organised for foreign participants. Tajikistan, Syrian Arab Republic, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand and Uzbekistan were the leaders in the number of foreign participants.

Starting from 2023, in parallel with the final stage of the All-Russian Olympiad of Schoolchildren in Mathematics, the International Mathematical Olympiad will be held, in which national teams from foreign countries can take part in full-time or distance format. Thus, in April 2023, in addition to Russia, teams from Iran (in-person), China and Thailand (distance) took part in the Olympiad.

In November 2023, «Sirius» will host the Open International Astronomy Olympiad for the second time. One team consisting of two leaders, six participants and two observers will be invited to participate from each country. Among the participants are expected representatives of the CIS, SCO, BRICS, ASEAN and other friendly countries(Turkey, Serbia). The results of the Open Olympiad are equated with the results of the International Olympiad in Astronomy and Astrophysics.

Alternative International Olympiads within the framework of the final stage of the All-Russian Olympiad - individual competitions indefinite subjects, which are held within the framework of the final stages of the All-Russian Olympiad. They serve to support relevant education among schoolchildren and to establish international links. As part of this area, an international alternative Mathematical Olympiad was held in April 2023.

Other alternative international Olympiads. In October 2022, the Financial Security Olympiad was held with the support of the Government of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Education of Russia, the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 500 students from the CIS and BRICS countries participated in the finals. In November 2023, an alternative international Olympiad in astronomy is planned, and work is underway to organise Olympiads of this format in other subjects.

Sports Corps of the Educational Centre "Sirius"

A modern indoor sports complex designed for sports training, physical training, active recreation and recovery of participants of the «Sirius» Educational Centre's programmes. More than 250 people can work out in it at a time

  • Two swimming pools, one swimming pool with artificial salt water.
  • Outdoor courts with certified sports surface for basketball, volleyball, badminton, handball and mobile games.
  • Outdoor mini-football pitch with artificial grass surface.
  • A 240-metre outdoor running track.
  • Universal sports grounds for sports games.
  • Two modern street courts for workout.
  • Gym for strength training, equipped with professional Matrix machines.
  • A gym with exercise bikes and ellipsoids for aerobic training and warm-up.
  • Training areas equipped with Wattbikes, rowing machines and other modern sports equipment.

Sports at "Sirius" in numbers

More than 220 physical culture and sports events are organized annually

  • More than 25 sports are represented
  • More than 50 training events under the guidance of Russian and world sports stars
  • More than 50 scientific and practical conferences and educational and methodological workshops



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